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  For years the one option of marinated goat cheese that would make you want to lick it off a boot came from Australia.  Now local owner's Gerard and Susan Tuck have brought a line of marinated goat cheese and spreadable goat cheese to the Bay Area.  Oh wait... Gerard and Susan are from Australia and created their cheese empire due to missing beloved marinated goat cheese when they were back in Australia.   Since local it is a tad more affordable if watching your budget!  I happen to like their line of spreadable goat cheeses for my mid morning break box.  Yes in a covid world the break room has gone away and now having breaks and lunches in my Le' Cafe de Buick Encore!   One of my faves to nosh on mid morning is pate deviled eggs, fresh berries with Spreadable Chevoo, cracker crisps and some local awesome Friends in Cheeses jam.  Salted watermelon fit this morning bill.   Chevoo is a keeper.... Goat cheese lovers get out there and grab a jar or three!  It's delicious and d

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